Meet Emily

Turn your voice into a marketing powerhouse.

Named after some pretty incredible writers, Emily makes it simple for any business to 5x their content production.

1,000,000 words and counting...

The easiest way to create words that move the needle

All you need is some creativity, a few minutes, and the ability to text.

It's a content marketing team in your pocket.

Emily gives your voice superpowers.

How Much Does Emily Cost?

We're still testing out our models, so Emily is free for the foreseeable future.

Happy writing.

Write a blog in less than 10 minutes

Using Emily is as simple as texting a friend.

Record your thoughts

Use your native iOS "voice memos" app to record what's on your mind.

Text Emily for help

Open your voice memo, hit "share", then text it to 470-823-9347

Lightly edit then publish

Emily will text you with a blog, just add some personality then publish.


A premium version of Emily is here...

Ad Copy

For anyone building a product suite that could use some crafting.

Social Posts

Tweestorms, LinkedIn Articles, Facebook Longform Posts

IG Captions

Emily can help you create the perfect caption to get the most engagement.

Email Campaigns

It's not easy to please your fans - Emily can help you get real results.

Web Copy

Take all of your thoughts & put them on paper.


Want Emily for your entire company? We got you.

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This isn't exclusive viral B.S. we're still working on our modeling and can only take on so premium users.