Meet Emily

Powered by AI. Edited by Humans.

Named after some pretty incredible writers, Emily makes it simple for any business to 10X their content production.

Over 150,000 words written for our customers!

How Much Does Emily Cost?

Based on how much you want to publish.

Not on the words you use.


One article per month


Turn your ideas into something more.


Three articles per month


Become a content generating machine.


Six articles per month


Turn Emily into your pocket-sized CMO.

5 easy steps to use Emily


Sign Up!

Well this step is self-explanatory...


Start Recording!

As simple as using the built-in voice memo app on your phone.


Upload it to Emily

Tell us the name for the piece you are writing with Emily and upload your audio file.


Tell us what content you want

Want a social media ad created from your audio file? How about an email for your customers? Emily's team is full of writers, marketers, designers, and ad specialists.


Get Your Content Delivered!

Give us 72 hours and we'll deliver a blog post in your voice + additional pieces of content for distributing to your audience.

Alternative Uses For Emily

You can do so much more with Emily than you think. In addition to creating content, you can also leverage our content engine for...


Take all of your thoughts & put them on paper.

Client Notes

Document new information and to-dos for your team.


Put toegther an in-depth resource for your customers and sales teams.

You have a lot of knowledge in the heads of your team.

Let Emily to share it with the world.